Welcome to the Community Mission of Hope. Established in 2009, CMoH exists to help individuals and families in need. CMoH has provided food boxes, bread, hygiene needs and fresh produce items to hundreds of families and individuals in our community, supplying over two million meals!

As we move forward and partner with the City of Temecula and TEAM Community Pantry (aka Temecula Pantry), we seek to provide responsible compassion to those in need. In addition to providing basic services such as food and hygiene, CMoH will work with each individual and family to help determine the root of their current situation and then will walk with them on a path to self sufficiency.

Now is the time to offer effective help to those in need, including the homeless, in our community. Please join us as we work with amazing volunteers and leaders to make a real difference!

Please feel free to contact us to find out how you too can help to make a difference in our community at info@cmoh.net!

How we help!


Our health, both mental and physical, contribute greatly to our ability to make it through each day.

Financial Responsibility

Sometimes having a responsible financial plan is half the battle!


Everyone needs social interaction and a support system to help when times are bad!


What is your purpose in the world? Is there a bigger picture than the one I have now?
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Every donation, no matter how small can make a drastic difference in the life of someone in need!

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