TemeculaPantryCommunity Mission of Hope is excited to begin managing the Temecula Pantry in Old Town! At the April 8, 2014 City Council meeting (Click here for meeting video and notes), the city of Temecula approved a Community Action Plan which was created to address the needs of the homeless in our city. Part of that plan includes a license agreement between the city and CMoH to provide pantry operations at the Pujol street location. CMoH will also continue to provide services to those in need at its current location on Enterprise Circle S.

Through a year-long partnership between CMoH and the Temecula Pantry, staff has been gathering best practices and sharing resources. The goal of CMoH and the city of Temecula is to implement a strategy of responsible compassion towards self-sufficiency for individuals and families in our community who are looking for help. This approach is based on careful study and based on evidence of this strategy working very successfully in other cities.

Press Enterprise Article: “City approves homeless action plan”