spent about 5 hours with this young lady today… along with others that are homeless in our valley. the temecula pantry put together a “spa day” of sorts.  one of the volunteers wanted the ladies “to see how beautiful they are, like the way i have always seen them.” one sweet moment was watching as she had her nails polished. the room held just the two of them and as the color was going on and pandora played, they both sang aloud with the words, “Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest…” when it was about time to depart, i hugged her and she held on. i whispered in her ear, “i love you.”  she exhaled deeply, followed were the words, “thank you. i haven’t heard that in so long.” the temecula pantry and CMOH are so much more than just food. it’s a place to connect with and pour out His’ love, a place to be a mentor and an advocate, a safe place to come as you are and be encouraged to believe the truth of who you are meant to be. it’s a place to come alongside the lonely and hurting and to remind them they are loved, seen and known. it’s a place filled with hope, faith and love! and my friends, the greatest of these is love. may we spread love wildly, speak life into others and trust as God is working on their heart, He is also very much working on ours! God Bless!