Food Drives

We want to thank you for your interest in hosting a food drive with us. We are excited to work with you and your group. Our goal is to make this partnership as simple and successful as possible!!
The Community Mission of Hope has been operating in Temecula for over four years. During this time we have served almost 2 million much needed meals in our community and with your help we can continue to work to end hunger in the Inland Valley!

Top Reasons to Host a Food Drive:

  • They are a fun way to get involved in the community & everyone can participate!
  • For every 1.3 pounds of food donated, CMoH can provide approximately one meal to individuals and families.
  • Donations go directly to those in need.
  • Each donation will help feed over 150 residents a week who are struggling with hunger in the Inland Valley area.
  • Schools and other organizations can make a huge difference by educating the public about the hunger crisis in our community and in our country.

 9 Steps to A Successful Food Drive

  1. Contact us at so that we can partner with you and help you decide when you’d like to hold your drive. Although the holidays are a popular time of year, food is needed year-round. You might consider holding a drive in the fall or spring when supply is especially low. Hosting a themed food drive, such as a kid-friendly collection for back-to-school time, or a cereal food drive are great ideas. You may want to attach the drive to an established event at your organization.
  2. Decide how long to hold your food drive. We have found a one or two week drive works best. Most food drives last about two weeks, leaving enough time for donors to remember their donations! If food drives run too long, they can lose impact and people could lose interest.
  3. Set Goals for your food drive. No donation is too small or too big! Figure out how much food you would like to collect, and then make it happen! For CMOH, every 25 items equals one box of food.
  4. Use our “Most Wanted Items” list for the CMoH’s high priority needs. Distribute this list to your donors. Consider having a drive for specific items, such as a “Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive,” or you could split items up among groups in your organization. For example, Kindergarteners bring peanut butter and jelly, 1st graders bring cereal, 2nd graders bring canned fruits, etc. Our most needed items are sometimes our least donated.
  5. Use the grocery bags Attach a flyer to the bags including “most wanted” items and date to return the bags.
  6. Select a prime location for your food drive. High traffic areas where the collection bins are visible are best. Make sure there is plenty of space for your collection bins. Place a label or poster near the collection point, so that donors know where to make their contribution!
  7. Promote your food drive. Spread the word! Let everyone know about the food drive. Be creative! Here are some ideas:
    • Place posters in highly visible places
    • Send emails blasts, don’t let anyone forget!
    • Post it on your website
    • Pass out flyers, place announcements in newsletters
    • Share hunger facts and CMoH information
    • Hold a Kick-Off Event
    • Create a competition / provide an incentive
  8. Send a progress report. Let the participants know how close you are to the goal! Frequent updates can serve as a motivator and a reminder!
  9. Drop donations off at Community Mission of Hope any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between the hours of 10am-1pm.
  10. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Your efforts will make a big difference helping feed those less fortunate in our community.

School Food drives* are as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Pick you drive START and END dates
  2. CMoH will add you to our calendar
    • One week prior to your drive start date, we will meet with you at your location and bring you all the collection materials you will need: both large and small collection bins, grocery bags to fill and return, flyers with an items needed list, and a food drive banner (optional).
    • One day before your pick-up date, schedule a photo opportunity highlighting your volunteers and the items collected (Please have photo liability forms signed.)
    • On your pick up date, our truck will pick everything up for you!
  3. Start collecting!!

*Materials provided for schools with 100+ students